The best hooded baby towel!

I have another fantastic baby item to tell you all about today! I was recently sent a fabulous bamboo hooded baby towel by beallora to try out and provide an honest review of. As a mom to two girls under the age of two I’ve tried my fair share of hooded towels, and i can honestly say that absolutely none of them impressed me. Those towels were small-barely wrapped around either of my children past 3 months. Some of them were thin, and were completely soaked through with each use. Others were more absorbent, but weren’t very soft. I like the products I use on my children to be gentle, and to work well at the same time, but until I tried the beallora hooded towel none of them lived up to the high standards I set for my girls.

After using this towel on both of my girls and after washing and drying it twice I feel like I can provide a pretty legit review for my readers so of your looking for a new towel for your little ones, keep reading!

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

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The beallora hooded towel is crazy soft! I love the feeling of high quality organic bamboo, and even better than the softness is the fact that this towel is absorbent and really big! Big enough for my toddle! I was shocked at how absorbent it was, and how quickly it dried- this is great because it didn’t end up with that musty wet towel smell even after 4 uses over the course of the week!

It’s adorable! My toddler LOVED the little bear ears on the hood. My younger daughter is 6 months so she honestly didn’t notice or care, but for those toddler moms out there- your little one will love the ears as well as the cozy warm fabric. My toddler tends to gets upset when it’s time to climb out of the tub, but when I held up this towel and showed her the little ears she was happy to climb out and become “my little teddy bear”- I’ll admit that I did some funny mama bear voices, but really, the towel gets most of the credit.

This towel washed and dried really well! I threw it in with a normal load of baby clothes and washed it and dried it the way I do everything else. It came out just as soft as when I first opened the package, and I didn’t notice any shrinkage. The other thing I loved was that it isn’t a lint magnet. Some of my other towels seem to attract everything in the dryer, but I didn’t have that problem with this towel.

So, that’s it, my breakdown of the beallora hooded baby towel, to sum it up:

1. Super Soft

2. Crazy Absorbent

3. So Adorable

4. Washes so well-no special care was required, and it came out looking and feeling brand new!

Head on over to Amazon and pick up one or two for your little ones, you won’t regret it. This towel is truly a great buy. Use promo code “beallora” to get 25% off through the end of August!

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