So Good Granola

Happy Tuesday!

I know Tuesdays aren’t much to celebrate, but we did get through Monday, right? Small victories! Anyway, I’ve been perfecting this recipe for a few weeks now and I finally feel like its ready to share, but first, a little back story.

As far as I can tell commercial cereals fall into two categories. They’re either outrageously unhealthy and laden with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and food dyes, or they’re outrageously expensive. Meaning, if you have a large family or a few serious cereal snackers in your house, your cereal habit could eat up a large chunk of your budget (pun fully intended). I don’t know about you, but neither of these options were really cutting it for me. There was no way I was going to feed my daughter the standard “kids” cereals, and even the options that seem healthier, really aren’t. On the other hand, as a family who really enjoys cereal as a quick breakfast, I just couldn’t justify, or budget $4.50 For a single box of cereal.

The idea for this simple, quick, make ahead granola came to me. I knew I had eaten granola in a bowl with milk before, and with so many varieties out there I knew I could really play with the flavor until I got just the right one. I used a classic cereal as my inspiration and my honey, cinnamon walnut granola was born. This stuff is so versatile, you can throw it on top of yogurt and fruit for a quick homemade parfait, enjoy it in a bowl with ice cold milk or just enjoy it by the handful for a snack on the go. Once you realize how simple and fast it is to whip up you’ll never look back.

So Good Granola

*preheat oven to 300 degrees*

3 cups of quick oats or rolled oats

1tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

2tbsp vegetable oil or coconut oil

1/4 cup of honey

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

*2tbsp sugar (optional)

Using two mixing bowls combine all of your dry ingredients (oats, cinnamon, vanilla, walnuts, sugar) and your wet ingredients (vegetable oil, honey) in the other. Slowly mix your dry ingredients into your wet. Once the oats are all coated pour them onto a baking sheet and flatter out with a fork.

Bake on 300 for 25-30 minutes

Let cool for 15 minutes before breaking up and putting in an airtight container.

**you can substitute 1/4 cup of maple syrup for the honey** I’ve made this recipe both ways and it’s delicious made either way

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