My Favorite Teething Necklace

Today’s post is dedicated to a new product I recently purchased and tried with both of my children, a beautiful silicone teething necklace from PeekabooBlueCo. A link to the Etsy shop can be found at the bottom of this post, make sure to read their story and check out the Instagram page. The details of Blue’s journey and his strength are truly moving and it makes my mama heard warm to see him doing so well.

When my oldest (now 2 years old) was about 6 months old we bought a few silicone teethers, some were just meant to be held and chewed, others were meant for mom to wear and baby to chew, like the one I bought from PeekabooBlueCo. The ones I bought back then were either one large silicone piece-easy for baby to grab and chew, but not very fun, or a lot of small round silicone “beads” –fun for baby to play with, but harder for them to get a good bite on while teething.

Fast forward to our experience with our new teether from PeekabooBlueCo- both of my girls love this teether necklace. My toddler, who is getting her last few baby teeth, loves to wander around the house and chew on it, sometimes she wears it and chews while watching a movie or playing on the floor, other times she simply wanders and explores while chewing- it’s too cute to watch her explore the world around her with new, fresh, toddler eyes.

My youngest (5 months) also loves this teether, but definitely uses it less for teething and more for playing and tugging. We are 5 months into our breastfeeding journey and she’s at that stage where anything and everything can be a distraction and end a nursing session prematurely. This necklace really helps with that. I put it on before she latches on and while she nurses she can play and fidget with the different textures and styles of silicone beads. Every now and then she does like to chew on it, but she’s not really actively teething yet, so I’m sure she will do more chewing when that happens.

Besides how happy this necklace makes both of my girls, I love that it’s so cute and stylish, and fully customizable to boot! When you place your order you can get in touch with the shop owner to select the colors and style you want, this is so great for busy moms who are always on the go- you can wear a cute teething necklace while running errands with your little ones and never have to worry about if they’re going to drop or throw a handheld teether.

I give this product my personal mom seal of approval and would recommend it to any moms with little ones, and my girls would give it a rave review if they were verbal enough to do so!

Check out the shop here
and the Instagram @peek_a_boo_blue

Let me know if you order from this shop OR what your favorite teething solutions are!

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