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I hope everyone is doing well! I’ts been pretty busy over here at a GreenkindofLife so it’s been about 10 days since my last post, for this, I apologize. But, I think everyone will be happy to see that I’ve added an awesome new storefront to the site (lots of great styles for moms and some helpful baby items) and I’ve got the Instagram and Facebook pages up and running with some fun pictures, store items, and Amazon deals. So, I really hope you all enjoy those things!

So, I really want to share with everyone why I love Amazon, and why I’ve honestly loved them for way longer than I’ve been a blogger or an affiliate with them.

After the birth of my first daughter, I was pretty house-bound. We had a bit of difficulty when it came to her breastfeeding (I’ll expand on that in a later post for mamas going through the same issue) and it seemed like by the time we had finished a feeding she was ready to go down for her next nap. I always felt like my windows of time were too short to get us both ready, and packed up and head out to a store, do my shopping and get back in time for her next nap or feeding. Then, fast forward a bit, and we had moved out of state to an unfamiliar area so that my husband could take a great job opportunity. This, along with my husband and I sharing one car, made it really difficult to get much shopping done during the week.

Signing up for Amazon prime was a game changer for me. I could find so many things we needed throughout the week and get them delivered to my door in two days. Some of these items I would never have been able to find at my local stores anyway.

Amazon has really become a huge convenience for me. When I see that I’m getting low on something, I can jump onto Amazon at naptime and place my order without having to load my girls in and out of the car four times for some dishwasher pods or kleenex. But, beyond that, I’ve discovered a lot of ways to save money on Amazon. Every penny I can save on things I use daily is a huge deal for me, and at the end of the year, my prime membership has paid for itself with my savings! what more could a mama ask for?

Allow me to share with you my top, money-saving amazon items. Once you make the switch your prime membership will be paying for itself

**This post contains affiliate links this means that aGreenkindofLife receives a small commission on purchases made through our links**


  • Laundry detergent. We all use it and great deals are hard to come by at the local grocery store. Unless you’re making regular trips to a local wholesale club (more trips to more stores, with your littles? not ideal) you’re
    credit: Amazon

    probably paying too much for your laundry detergent. Amazon has a great deal on All free and clear laundry pods.  If you sign up for the subscribe and save option these pods are just $.14 per load of laundry. I have mine set to deliver every 3 months (this allows for about 11 loads of laundry per week) and if you opt into 5 subscribe and save items your cost will be even lower. Totaling up to about $69 per year


  •  Baby Wipes. With two-under-two, my house cant runs without baby wipes. The Amazon Elements brand is awesome. Until discovering the elements baby wipes we
    Credit: Amazon

    were using pampers sensitive because sensitive skin runs in our family and it’s important to me to keep things as natural as possible for my girls. Amazon elements sensitive wipes are made with purified water and chamomile,does it get better than that? They are soft and strong, and my girls haven’t had a single rash since we made the switch. now for the break down; My family uses two cases of these wipes per month, and with the 15% off subscribe and save discount they cost just under $10 per case (Sign up for them now and get $2 off your first delivery). Totaling up to about $236 per year for two girls in diapers. If you just have one little in diapers your cost will be about $120 per year.


Credit: Amazon



  • Baby Pajamas. As I previously mentioned, my girls have sensitive skin. When my oldest daughter was little we were given a pair of cotton blend pajamas, at this point I don’t even remember what they were made with, probably polyester, but long story short, she ended up with a terrible rash, and we swore off anything that wasn’t 100% cotton. To this day our girls both only wear 100% cotton, which, to be honest, can get expensive and a little tricky to stick to when you’re having a hard time finding things in their sizes. Gerber makes one piece and two piece baby and toddler pajamas that are 100% cotton and 100% affordable. Before discovering Gerber on Amazon we were paying $12-$15 per pair of pajamas and around $19 for an outfit. Gerber’s 2 pack footed sleepers are between $10-$12 and this adorable 3 piece outfit is $9-$13 and available from newborn up to 24 months.


  • Mama Bear. Amazon has a great line of organic baby foods, and although their price isn’t actually better than
    Credit: Amazon

    some of the other organic brands on the market, it’s basically the same, and you don’t have to leave your house to get it. At about $1.30 per pouch (12 pouches per box for $15.75) the Mama Bear brand is a great option, especially if two-day free shipping is something that will make your life a little bit easier. While you’re checking the baby food take a minute to look of some of their other great deals on things like diaper pail refills.



My favorite thing about saving enough money on my daily use items to cover my amazon prime subscription is the added perks. Sure the free two-day shipping prime offers is great, who doesn’t love getting their online purchases as soon as possible? But prime has so much more to offer. My family loves the prime video content, there are a ton of kids shows and great family movies free with your membership, and I love the convenience of the prime reading selection right on my phone any time I have a few free minutes.

Start your free 30-day Amazon Prime trial today!

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  1. Great work! I’ve read your article and its pretty good 🙂
    I did know few of some of your tips but i really didn’t know about laundry detergent 😮
    Anyway keep up the good work!

  2. Definitely agree with your post – I’m a big fan of Amazon prime! Wait til the kiddos get older, you’ll be using them for school supplies, more clothing, shoes … the list goes on! 🙂

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