So Good Granola

Happy Tuesday! I know Tuesdays aren’t much to celebrate, but we did get through Monday, right? Small victories! Anyway, I’ve been perfecting this recipe for a few weeks now and I finally feel like its ready to share, but first, a little back story. As far as I can tell commercial cereals fall into two […]

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My Favorite Cloth Diapers

Hello friends! I’m so excited about the product I’m reviewing today. I approached Alva baby myself to make this sponsored post happen. They sent me a free sample product for the purpose of my review, but all opinions are my own (and I’ve been in love with this brand for longer than I’ve been blogging) […]

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Inspiration Through Art

  Hi everyone, As I’ve worked on writing content and building this blog over the last few weeks I have to admit there have been quite a few “What am I doing?” moments. I’m sure my fellow moms-bloggers know those moments all too well. You temporarily lose sight of your goal for a split second […]

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